Warranty Policy

All products made by Northern Dragon.

Include: Import, export, distribute for customer and agency.
Warranty time: Apply for customer when receive product.
In warranty time, product/accessories will be warrantied when product/accessories is broke off by technical error. Northern Dragon will fix and replace.

Warranty time

1 year - For The Mia
2 years - For AO+, Merryfair
3 years - For The Metro, Bestuhl, Fursys
Over 10 years - For Titan, Herman Miller

Don't apply for warranty policy

Product/accessories made not by Northern Dragon
Product has long-term use and direct sunlight
Customer takes off the items without agreement from Northern Dragon
Cuscomer doesn’t follow guarantee conditions and using guide of the manufacturer.
Due to unexpected conditions such as: fire and nature calamity…
What do you request warranty?
You fill in request warranty form and send email to warranty center baohanh@rongphuongbac.com. We will reply for your request about 3 hours.
Link download: http://rongphuongbac.com/upload/files/FORM-BAO-HANH.xls
Contact with us – 0917 236 611

Handling time

HCMC - HN: about 72 hours in worktime
The warranty of the products, it take about 72 working hours for HCM and Ha noi city and just only with some products already got the accessories to change.

With other products without the stock accessories at our warehouse, it might take time longer depending on the situation. And it is the same for the products have to fix and change the accessories at the warehouse .

Northern Dragon might request customers to send back the broken products/ accessories to us before we send the new one to customers.

Other regulations

At HCM and Ha Noi city, We will come and fix for free at your place.

On the other hand, If customer request for the warranty, We will cost some fees depending on the cases. Moreover, All the cost for delivery the products/ accessories will be paid by customers.

Customers need to create all favorable conditions, complete the procedures for registration into the building for the Northern Dragon Rong (if any).

This product warranty policy is an integral part of the North Dragon Rong sale contract and customers